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Job opportunities for Blockchain professional just got better

As block chain and related technologies are growing, more and more companies are hiring IT professionals with working knowledge of blockchain and crypto currencies. Not just It startups branching out in crypto industry but other related industries from health to financial sector is working on blockchain and decentralized information systems. Companies are willing to higher […]

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DubaiPay is powered by block chain now

DubaiPay is recognized way of online transactions in Dubai and now it is being powered by Block chain technology. Mira Sultan Obaid Abdul Rahman, director of smart services told GulfNews the stratedy was to increase Government Efficiency by transferring all transactions to the block chain network. According to the spoke person, the Department of Finance […]

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stable coins

Stable coins a new trend in volatile cryptomarket

While cryptocurrency is getting an immense amount of attention from investors and stack holders, new coins continue to be announced almost every day. Among of these new arrivals, some are creating hype of being “stable” compared to existing crypto coins. Some of these call Tether, Basis and SagaCoin. Their values are rigidly tied to the […]

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Bitcoin continues to be the mainstream cryptocurrency

Last year, cryptocurrencies emerge as new alternative for hard cash. Between January to December last in year 2017 alone, the price of Bitcoin increases by over 2,000%. Right now, the market camp for Bitcoin is over $120 billion. However the exciting part isn’t just Bitcoin but the way blockchain technology, behind Bitcoin, can affect the […]

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