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Sony created a multi-purpose digital wallet with new features

The biggest challenge crypto industry is facing right now is the security. Even the most advanced and digitally secured exchanges and wallets have been hacked and lost millions of dollars. And that’s why hardware wallets are gaining so much popularity these days. Sony is one of the latest companies to come forward. They developed a […]

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An overview – Bitcoin trend in third quarter

Bitcoin is currently hovering at $6,950. On the last day of September, Bitcoin trading closed at $5,570 which is 6.30 percent drop to September’s opening price of $7,014. Bitcoin also register a 10 percent fall in August, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index. Bitcoin seem to have a fall for a second straight month, but […]

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Crypto market boosted by surge: $20 million in 2 days

Last 48 hours were really good for the crypto market. The valuation of the markets increased from $198 billion to $218 billion in a rally, boosted by a surge in Ripple token XRP. On Sept 21, XRP the native crypto currency of the Ripple Blockchain Network experienced a 40 percent rise as a continuation of […]

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There won’t be another 1000x growth in cryptocurrency – says Ethereum Co-founder

Growth of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies has been a controversial topic. Rumors have impacted the crypto market all the time. Some optimists and self-claim visionaries believe that this digital asset has the potential to the world’s next currency and it is only matter of years now. While the pessimists on the other side completely […]

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Hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry says Bitcoin could reach $40,000

Hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital Group believes $40,000 Bitcoin is still achievable. Bitcoin reached $20,000 in December last year and since then was facing a fall. It was hovering over $5,700 and $6,000 but after months in dark shadows of dubious situation, the number one digital currency expands its gain on Wednesday finally, […]

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Ethereum doing better than before; EOS behind fish attack?

Ethereum has regained lost reputation over the week, touching the highest of seven days $475, even breaking further to $476 mark just less than one hour. For the last few days, stock market people and analysts predict the $450 barrier as the breakout point but the price went far higher after reaching the $455 price […]

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Robinhood has added two new cryptocurrency to expand its offerings.

Robinhood is a popular stock-buying app among the young investors of crypto currencies. The company behind app has announced on Thursday it is adding two new crypto currencies to attract investors – Bitcoin and Litecoin. These new additions are fourth and sixth most valuable digital currencies respectively. Robinhood has already introduced offerings for Bitcoin and […]

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