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Coke vending machine now accepting Bitcoin

Investors wanted global adoption of Bitcoin for a long time now, but getting people exchanging their Bitcoins for small goods or services seem to be a problem so far. This seem to change in near future because of the effort and research Lightning Network has put into crypto currency exchanges. Ricardo Reis found a coke […]

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DubaiPay is powered by block chain now

DubaiPay is recognized way of online transactions in Dubai and now it is being powered by Block chain technology. Mira Sultan Obaid Abdul Rahman, director of smart services told GulfNews the stratedy was to increase Government Efficiency by transferring all transactions to the block chain network. According to the spoke person, the Department of Finance […]

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Bitcoin jumped high as BlackRock sets up a working group to look into crypto and blockchain

Bitcoin continues to touch higher edge on Tuesday, after asset-management giant BlackRock has made the headlines pervious days on news. BlackRock seem to have sudden interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology that builds the infrastructure of crypto currency. According to stock industry CoinDesk, which tracks prices from several exchanges, the most valuable crypto currency […]

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