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Bitcoin worth $1oo million possibly linked to black market moved to 3 exchanges

Cryptocurrency transactions might be anonymous but every exchange made is public and if you are a keen user like @sick_silk, no suspicious activity can get away unnoticed. Recently, a wallet holding a huge sum of crypto currency got active out of blue. It transferred 111,114 Bitcoins from a dormat wallet to three different exchanges which […]

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Bitcoin showed stable trend over last seven days

The one thing, perhaps no one likes about cryptocurrency market is its volatility over years. Many coins came and vanished in the dust of time. There is hardly any indicator to predict the trend for crypto market. Over the years, Bitcoin has emerged as the number one crypto currency and so far it has successfully […]

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Bitcoin prices continue to drop this week

Bitcoin prices experienced a bit fall this week. This drop cause additional sufferings while pushing it lower. The world’s largest crypto currency Bitcoin experience steady drop in its price value after its hit the highest value $20,000 in market last year. Since then it continue to drop further every week on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price […]

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3 Reasons behind $6,000 as a key price for Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin has seen some rise in the end of previous year, and some fall recently in 2018. But there has been several evidence that Bitcoin managed to hold at a certain key price that is $6,000.  Crypto market is really unpredictable as it reached at $20,000 only few months ago and experienced a steep […]

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BTC’s drop below the 10-day moving average

Bitcoin traded largely sideways over the last 24 hours, though a drop soon can threaten the 10 day moving average Bitcoin price that was around $6,000 but recent shift has risk the bullish chart pattern if the price still keep going below $6,000. However, crypto currencies manage to defend the trade and establish a round […]

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BitCoin is down 66% but still many are convinced it as Gold 2.0

The price of one Bitcoin is now hovering around $6,400. That is more than 50% drop than it was in 2017 and 66% plunge from the all-time high. In late December, Bitcoin hit just under $20,000 but facing huge drop. The bubble for crypto currencies may have burst in 2018. Other crypto currencies such as […]

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