Job opportunities for Blockchain professional just got better

As block chain and related technologies are growing, more and more companies are hiring IT professionals with working knowledge of blockchain and crypto currencies. Not just It startups branching out in crypto industry but other related industries from health to financial sector is working on blockchain and decentralized information systems. Companies are willing to higher than the average to the right candidate despite of unpredictability and volatile crypto market. People are ready to invest more energy, effort and research funds in these fields.

A recent research from Job Portal Glassdoor found that within just over a year, block chain industry has grown up to 300 percent, with more than 1,700 open positions as this past August only. The medium salary for blockchain related job is $84,884 per year which is 618% higher than the average U.S salary of $52,461. The survey was based on a large sample of online U.S job postings related to block chain technologies over the portal. The research also collected the data from job advertisements that mention keywords like crypto currency and blockchain in their job description. As the job portal says,

“While the applications of blockchain technology are diverse, most of the recent interest has focused on crypto currencies… As more employers become interested and invest in the technology, the professionalization of the space has accelerated as well.”

Although most of these companies are looking for hard core programmers who can create decentralized systems, there is also need for non-technical staff like UI/UX designers, community manager, brand manager etc. Analyst relations manager and product managers are the vacancies with highest job openings both of which are non-technical. There is also a demand for marketing and social media experts. The report suggest that there are top three job providers interested in blockchain experts – 1. ConsenSys with 214 openings, IBM has 214 openings and Coinbase had 63 job openings in 2018. The Glassdoor suggest that despite the industry is new, the number of vacancies being opened and the salary statistics predict a bright future for the software developers and marketing professionals.

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