Google seem to feel different about crypto currency now

The Search Engine Giant Google didn’t like crypto currency but that was past. Last month Google decided to roll back its ban on crypto currencies, allowing regulatory crypto currency exchanges to buy ads in USA and Japan. The world’s biggest banks and financial companies are adopting and integrating Bitcoin and crypto currencies into their products. Recently Google released an Ad for its latest Call screen service which allow people to interact with callers even before answering the call.

The ad meant to show how this service works, and in ad, Google mentioned ‘crypto currency’ and ‘its energy consumption’. The ad goes like this. The electricity company is trying to call guy and because of the Google services he knew why they are calling without taking the call. The company warns him for his high electricity bill for which he blame crypto currency mining in a causal way.


The girl (other character) told him that crypto currency isn’t real money for which he replied. “Well, I have good news for you, money isn’t real”. She replied back “You are going to live that lie”. Bitcoin and crypto currency mining’s high energy consumption has been an issue for many. Critics argue that its power use is unsustainable and makes Bitcoin and crypto currency unsuitable for real time usage. According to an estimation, the servers which powered the Bitcoin transactions consume 22 terawatt-hours per year, which is almost equal to the energy Ireland consume in a year.

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