Wall Street Journal created their own crypto currency

Crypto currency has been under criticism since it came into main stream business, especially media never left any opportunity to create sensation around the crypto currency. Despite of what other thinks, crypto currency enthusiasts continue to grow the digital assets.

The Wall Street coin’s journey started from Japan, birthplace for crypto currency and blockchain innovation, where the team of journalists found a blockchain startup and hired one of their coder to write a framework of a crypto currency and that’s how wall street journal coin was born.

Writing a new coin may seem like a simple and easy process but creating a new coin is just one step. The real problem is creating a coin that is practical and marketable on some sound foundations to attract the attention of investors and exchanges. Without interest from these two parties, the crypto currency is nothing more than wasted code.

To make the newly founded WSJ coin, the technical team went from door to door to the Japanese crypto community searching for businesses or serves that would accept their virtual currency as a form of payment although so far they haven’t found anyone who would like to use illiquid crypto currency without some fixed value attached to it, by some Govt. or official institution as a form of payment.

There is general concern among new and experienced investors to invest any more as the past year, many investors lost a considerable amount of money due to bull run, bear crush or market cycle. Despite all of the rumors, unpredictable, crypto currency seem to grow and flourish with the help of crypto and tech enthusiast.

The wall street journal importantly notes that despite the decrease of investors in crypto, programmers in Japan are still testing and working on the technology, including a J-Pop band called the “Virtual Currency Girls” and a university professor who is working on a digital coin to use around the globe.


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