Cryptocurrency market remained flat except for Nano

Cryptocurrency market is still flat on Friday. Yesterday’s market trend didn’t go in any extreme direction, which is a kind of good news for cryptocurrency. Crypto market have remained stable but are still below $230 billion. May coins haven’t moved past 24 hours but couple of alt coins have shown positive lifts.

Bitcoin has remained below $7,000, is currently trading at yesterday’s level of $6,980 though the short term rise is still expected. Ethereum keeps showing up at bullish trend but only by one percent on the day to $280 which is still very low for the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. There are only two coins which has shown some positive trends at the moment. Iota has gain 5.3% increase in one day ending at $0.722 and EOS which gain only 4% increase at $6.16. The rest are just either stable or losing between half and two percent.

Among the top twenty coins, Monero has made the biggest move by 7% up to $108. Dash, Neo and VeChain are all posting between 3 and 4 percent increase during a day and rest are going up or down by very little. Nano had the best end at the week with a 20% pump to $3.15. Over the past seven days Nano has made almost 50% jump from $213 this time. Its listing on coinbene and the launch of its new Instagram page could be a possible drive behind its momentum.It was released in 2015 by Colin LeMahieu as RaiBlocks, Nano is a low-latency payment platform that requires far minimal resources for one transaction as compared to bitcoin; making Nano ideal for peer-to-peer transactions.



Total crypto market capitalization is pretty much at the same level it was this time yesterday, $226 billion. It dropped to a daily low of $220 billion but has recovered all its loses. Trade volue has remained stable at $13 billion per day.

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